The last class of the summer

This Thursday, August 18th, will be the last class of the summer season at the Treasure Garden (10am-12pm).

We'll harvest a variety of plants, fruits and flowers from the garden. It will be a feast! And each child will be able to take home a sample of seeds of the different plants that we grew during the winter, spring and summer. We will say farewell to our students who start school next month, we are so grateful for all the hard work and love they have given to the garden through this year.

We hope you can make it to this last day, and we hope you will all be able to visit the Treasure Garden again soon - it will miss you!

And on September 22nd 2016, for the autumnal equinox, we will start a new season at the Treasure Garden. We'll keep you posted regarding prices and schedule as this gets closer.

Kirsty and Caro :)

Written on 08/15/2016 by Carolina Masoli
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