A new year, a new season at the Treasure Garden!

All over the world, people have just celebrated the Chinese new year. It was three days ago, when our skies were joined by a new moon. It seems as if it was synchronized with the beginning of our new season of gardening classes.

The first thing that we want to teach in children this year is the concept of cycles, starting with understanding the different seasons of the year, and what this means for the plants and animals in our gardens. 

This winter in San Francisco doesn't look like winter at all (at least during these last weeks), but nevertheless, we are focusing our classes on rainwater harvesting. How to catch the rain so it doesn't get lost flowing directly from paved street, to drain, to ocean; how can we make the rain stay in the garden, for the plants to thrive. Also, how important is the water not only for plants, but also for other beings that live in the garden, like butterflies, dragonflies, salamanders, frogs, and insects. 

And as we started talking about the Moon, why not also teach them about the moon's cycles and how her different phases affect and influence everything in nature; the sea waves, the germination of plants, the behavior of some animals, and even female cycles and the way people feel about things. 

So, our teaching program is also now a never ending cycle! We will be running weekly sessions on a continuous basis, and adding more classes and times to fit demand. As you begin with something and you can't stop. Because everything is interconnected. Because nature is so amazing. Because we love what we do.


--Picture above: original digital painting by Marina Kanavaki © 2015. http://marinakanavaki.com/--

Written on 02/11/2016 by Carolina Masoli
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