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Tending the Garden in the Foggy SF: a New Parent-Child Workshop

Hello parents of San Francisco!

We're happy to announce a new fall workshop at the Treasure Garden. Nine parent-child classes in which we will be learning about the basis of ecology, how to start and maintain a food garden, how to attract wildlife and how to make wise use of water, with activities that are both fun for kids and interesting for their parents.

We will meet every Thursday from 10 to 11am between October 27th and December 29th 2016, except for the Thanksgiving week.  

So come join us! Seats are limited so sign up soon if you don't want to miss it. :)

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Written on 09/30/2016 by Carolina Masoli

Come to our Autumnal Equinox party!

The beginning of the fall is approaching. The end of the fog. The magical warm days will start to get shorter. The autumnal equinox marks the beginning of the fall, and with this, the beginning of a new season at the garden.

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Written on 09/12/2016 by Carolina Masoli

Bouquet of flowers

The last class at the Treasure Garden was a precious one.

We closed up with the most important things that we'd learned through the year: the cycle of the year, the recycle of nutrients in the compost and the cycle of the seeds.

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Written on 08/25/2016 by Carolina Masoli

The last class of the summer

This Thursday, August 18th, will be the last class of the summer season at the Treasure Garden (10am-12pm).

We'll harvest a variety of plants, fruits and flowers from the garden. It will be a feast! And each child will be able to take home a sample of seeds of the different plants that we grew during the winter, spring and summer. We will say farewell to our students who start school next month, we are so grateful for all the hard work and love they have given to the garden through this year.

We hope you can make it to this last day, and we hope you will all be able to visit the Treasure Garden again soon - it will miss you!

And on September 22nd 2016, for the autumnal equinox, we will start a new season at the Treasure Garden. We'll keep you posted regarding prices and schedule as this gets closer.

Kirsty and Caro :)

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Written on 08/15/2016 by Carolina Masoli

A meadow in the back yard

A year ago we started the project of building a meadow in the back yard, where there used to be a weedy and scrubby piece of dirt. The goal was to turn it into a established, naturalized meadow of self-sustaining wildflowers. It has been a long process, because it isn't as simple as tossing wildflower seeds on the lawn! You need some special knowledge and technique, and a willingness to work constantly on it, at least for the first years until it is established.

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Written on 08/04/2016 by Carolina Masoli

Kids in the dirt

It has been proven. Children who play in the soil are healthier. Kids who play with soil are building their immune system defenses. And it's all about the Soil Based Organisms, organisms that live in the soil that restore our gut beneficial bacteria which boosts immune function, reduce rates of allergies, digestive problems and improves our mood.

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Written on 07/04/2016 by Carolina Masoli

Celebrating all Mamas, for Mothers Day

We had a very special week this week, celebrating Mothers day with our students and thinking about appreciating all the hard works of mamas of all species.

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Written on 05/18/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Spring showers and new flowers

We are still in the midst of occasional and welcome showers in the garden. And this past week the theme was Spring! Which brings both sunshine and showers, green leaves and flowers.

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Written on 04/29/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Creating a nursery - how we built and filled our greenhouse

All our garden projects focus on natural resource use, and building using materials we have grown and are available in the garden.

During the cooler, winter months, we built a greenhouse using young and flexible bamboo and covered with plastic sheeting. It was easy to explain that the smallest, youngest plants needed a safe and warm place to live and grow - and our students loved the chance to build a home for the seeds they had planted to start shooting. They also loved the idea that small plants, as well as small people, spend their time in nurseries.

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Written on 04/17/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Brilliant Butterflies!

With Spring approaching fast, we have encouraged the childrent to notice the signs of new growth and life all around - we started to think more and more about buds blooming and shoots emerging. And about the insects and friends we want to encourage to use our garden - butterflies, bees, birds and bugs!!!

This week, we focused on the children's current favorite garden friend - the butterfly.

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Written on 04/09/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Water in the garden

After two weeks of on-and-off downpours, overcast skies and soggy feet, this week we took the opportunity to make a rain garden so the children and animals can all enjoy the water for months to come.

In the garden we had a plain and deserted patch under a fern tree, which was did not nearly resemble its natural and favored habitat. So we had a big task: to transform this unappealing space into a heaven for raindrops.

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Written on 03/22/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Who can we find living in the soil?

Grab a shovel and dig a hole. What might you find?

Turn over a brick that's laying on the dirt. Who could be hiding underneath?

Poke around in the compost bin. Can you see something moving?

The soil is alive! There are so many little animals living, eating, reproducing, and the most important, decomposing the organic material. Without their essential role, the rest of us living on the Earth, would be wading through waste; and these small creatures are also  responsible for making nutrients (food) available for the plants, and subsequent food chain.

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Written on 03/06/2016 by Carolina Masoli

Sun sun, go away... Our class wants to play!

Rain, or lack of it, is a huge issue for California and the last couple of years have been particularly dry - with widespread drought, fire and loss of trees causing problems for people, animals and landscapes across the state. With this being an El Nino year, there was hope for a rainy wet winter, to replenish groundwater and re-green our natural spaces.

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Written on 02/23/2016 by Kirsty Hayes

Fall at the Treasure Garden

The time spent at the garden is a precious time. There are a lot of things happening, and if you sit quietly and very still, you can see birds, insects and creatures you had not noticed before. It is a place where you can discover treasures floating in the air, squiggling in the soil and sleeping on the leaves. This is why we have called it the Treasure Garden.

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Written on 02/01/2016 by Carolina Masoli